Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Crystal Angel Radio Show May 2012

Angel Blessings my Earth Angels! This month I will be repeating the show: "Manifesting Prosperity with the Angels" in Portuguese. Because of the internet problems that we had last month in the station in Boston, everyone who was listening through the Internet missed the show.

These "blockages" are quite common when dealing with such an important theme, the Collective Ego loves to create obstacles for things that could create a big change in our lives, that's why I think it's so important to repeat this show in Brazil, they are definitely needing this knowledge very much, otherwise the collective ego wouldn't have interfered so much during the last show.

If you don't speak Portuguese, this same show in English is already archived and ready for download at It was the march/2012's show and we had the wonderful visit of Lori Draper MA with us. To listen to the recording in English, go to and search for My Crystal Angel Show's archives, download and have fun :). It was valuable information given, you might need a notepad :).

NEWS for My Crystal Angel Show: Some people have asked me for a more private way to post their questions besides in My Crystal Angel Page on Facebook, because they are shy or need some privacy with names. For this reason, I just made an email specifically for private questions for the show. I receive many questions, so I will let the Angels choose and I will not reveal the full name of the person when answering the questions that came through email in the show.

Soooooo, from now on, I can take questions by phone, through My Crystal Angel page on Facebook and through the email: The questions chosen by the Angels will be answered Live during the show. Next month we will be having a new English show.

Angel Blessings of Light and Love
Livia Maris Jepsen - Angel Therapy Practitioner®