Testemonials in English

Hi Livia,

I received your reading. I read it, and I am impressed beyond my expectations. I did notice the claricognizance you mentioned, I love it when it happens. I read your site-almost all of it, and it is very good, full of good info, it put an additional light on my spiritual awareness. Before that, I didn't know/wasn't paying much attention to the angelical hierarchy -I didn't even know about angel readings. I heard about Saint Germain early this year, and recently started to read about him.

I have a question regarding Celia's message, did that appear spontaneously ? 
Celia used to speak to me in portuñol (a mix of portuguese and español -spanish.) I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Celia used to travel back and forth between Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires staying for several months at a time on each city, she had two daughters in Sao Paulo and one in Buenos Aires). I can read portuguese and understand it mostly well, can't speak it very well, and can listen to it but had to adjust my ear a bit. I don't know why her message wasn't with words, but it is good and comforting.

Thank you, it was a very nice and thoughtful reading.

Ernesto -  October 22nd 2010

Thank you Livia for sending me the Violet flame and Soulmate files.  I did them last night as well as wrote a prayer to the archangels to manifest my soulmate.  I can't wait how this journey is going to unravel and will definitely invite you to my wedding, hopefully in Hawaii :)

It was really nice to have found a wonderful angel 'reader', after my last reading with Anna, she was really off in many things, so it was time to find another one, I was happy I was guided to you and that the reading was right on 100%.  looking forward to many more readings. 

Many blessings,
Kelly 10/29/11


Dear Livia,

Just wanted to thank you so much for all your help.
Things started changing in positive ways as soon as I left your house. Scott and I are working much better at healing out relationship and although not all the loose ends are tied up like I want them to be, we have a better understanding of what we are an where we are going.
Again, thank you and I look forward to meeting with you again.

Annette - October 22nd, 2012

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