Saturday, April 8, 2017


Hi healthy fellas. It's Livy here in United States. 

Today I wanted to talk about my views on the Vitamix because I look online and do not see accuracy. 

In 2014 I bought a Vitamix for 400 dollars. A huge investment for a blender on steroids, under promises that would facilitate my life in my "raw kitchen". 

Anyway, the thing is supposed to juice smoothly even a dead person, it has a reputation of warming up the soup so powerful. The motor is gigantic, it sounds like a Jet engine. 

I used it first time to make my almond milk. It was supposed to be a piece of cake, with plenty of water and very soaked almonds, it should be pretty easy even for a common blender. 

Vitamix started to stink as burned in the crash in the first few seconds, and it stopped working. First use. 

I took it back to the store, they gave me another one, brand new. 

I can't even get a very saggy watery smoothie to blend, it doesn't mix the ingredients. The design of the glass looks like it was made by an extraterrestrial, the liquid does not turn. You have to be beating the ingredients manually with that giant stick, pushing the liquid downwards, and in 20 seconds the thing overheats. The costumer service says that it is normal to overheat, and you have to wait for such spacecraft cool off for about 40 minutes before the end of your recipe. 

I tried to make the one coconut butter, the whole batter got stuck underneath and did not run at all. Every cheapo was able to do this job, why not Vitamix? Now, imagine beating my raw ice cream! Doesn't mix and overheats in less than a minute.

it overheated even blending water and soap to clean it! 

I waited 40 minutes for the spaceship to cool off and try to finish my ice cream, like if I had the time to spare, I added even more water. My ice cream became watery and is still full of chunks. Doesn't blend smooth. 

Come on! It is a Vitamix! 

My friends have never had the courage to spend 400 on a turbinated kitchen utensil, but they are happy with Nutrabullet and with Ninja, though they bought cheaper than my Vitamix. They blend smooth juices of vegetables and fruits! They do not overheat like that. 

I can't even blend avocado cream that it beasts out. Who knew a carrot without the schtick taking off to its planet of origin. 

Conclusion! Don't spend money with Vitamix! It is overrated and overpriced.

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