Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Earth Angel of Shasta

We learn most things when we experience them. This episode today made me cry and despite my husband's objection, I decided to tell you. 

We decided to drive to Shasta this weekend and stay at the mineral springs to help with our healing. 

We stopped at the Café for some breakfast and a man was sitting outside with a cup of coffee. He looked very poor but he still didn't ask for anything. He only gave us a big smile and wished us a beautiful day. 

That touched my husband's heart somehow. Once we got inside, we set by the window and he kept looking at the man who was talking to himself. 

Once the waitress came to take our order, my husband ordered for the man too, but he asked to be an anonymous gift.

Once the man got served, we both looked out the window, he was so happy and started to pray. He was praying thanking God for that food and smiling for about 5 minutes before he even touched it. 

I took this picture, I had tears in my eyes and so did my husband and the waitress. My husband thinks the man is an Angel in disguise. He may be, but in my heart, the biggest Angel here is my husband. 

He gets the greatest pleasure in helping others and he thinks I am the enlightened one in our family and he thinks that he learns with me. But I am sure that I am the one who learns with him everyday. These simple little things that he does, he just IS.

I try so hard to be so perfect, so spiritual, to crush my ego, to help people, I pray, I decree, I do yoga, I control my food. I read all books and attend all courses. But my husband simply IS what I am just trying to become. He had no ego at all in that moment and so many others, all his pleasure comes from seeing others happy. 

Sometimes he notices people needing help and don't even think twice before helping them, even when we are in a hurry or with problems in our heads. He is selfless while I, "the spiritual one", didn't even THINK about feeding that man. I was so lost in my own thoughts and that didn't even cross my mind. I wish it had. 

Leaving the restaurant the waitress told me: "your husband is a keeper". Yes, he is an angel to me and even though he thinks he learns everything with me, I am sure that I am the one who learns with him. 

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  1. Vcs são maravilhosos!!!!!! I want mine to KEEP as well!! LOLLLLLL