Wednesday, April 13, 2016


"My dear ones, I Am Sandalphon, the master of music of the angelic kingdom. Besides inspiration and music, I deliver your prayers to Heaven. 

I'm here to say that your prayers have been answered. However, it's not a matter of asking anymore, it's a matter of trusting and receiving. Be grateful now as if your wish was already here. Be happy about it, as if it was already happened. That's the correct way of connecting with the vibration of receiving. 

Prayers are always answered, instantly. But complains, anxiety, fear and doubt are forces of anti-love, and they create obstacles to our help. 

Take my hand. I will help you to remain positive. Call me and I will connect to you through inspiring music. Choose a calming piece of music and call upon my help as a friend. I will come quickly by your side and lift your vibration up. 

I Am Sandalphon
The Maestro of The Music of the Spheres
I'm also here to assist you in everything that requires planning. 
I love you and I express myself through music and heavenly sounds. 

With the music of the spheres I carry out your prayers to God and they are instantly answered. 

Call upon my name while listening to music and I will be there in the speed of the sound. 

Love and Sound


Channeled by Livia Maris Jepsen
Angel Therapy Practitioner®™
Certified by Doreen Virtue PhD

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