Thursday, October 6, 2016


This angel woke me up this morning. I thought it would be a message for someone I know that has this Angel (born in March 1st). The Angel told me to post about Him. I grabbed my book and found out that He is on Earth today also. Very magical day to call upon MEBAHIAH.

He is good to bring our life purpose, specially if you work serving others. He can also help you to maintain hope and optimism through challenges. He can bless couples and help them through adversities. 

He also helps people to forgive themselves and others and realize that God is good and forgiving. Past mistakes are lessons to be learnt , not supposed to bring punishment and suffering. The one who sins no more after learning the past mistake is automatically forgiven and deserves to be happy.

MEBAHIAH is on Earth May 13th, July 25th, October 6th, December 18th, March 1st. 

People born this day have this Angel as Godfather and have helpful personalities. These people are gentle, loving and don't like to be alone. Love moves their lives. Sometimes develop dependency of their soulmate, eternally in love. These people are able to fight the world to protect their kids and loved ones. 

DARK SIDE: People under this influence, when away from the Light, need to be careful not to become a liar and not to self-destruct.


MEBAHIAH, please send your infinite Light. May my soul be always enlightened and produce good deeds. Help me to become the Light that dissolves the dark and make me leader by example. Amen 

Favorite color of candle: blue 

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Livia Maris Jepsen, certified by Doreen Virtue PhD

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