Monday, April 14, 2014

SAD - by Livia Maris Jepsen

Sad: I don't get sad anymore when people lie to me or try to hurt me. I have plenty of great people in my life who love and support me, so this stuff doesn't bother me at all anymore. What makes me sad is that people still do this sort of thing in the world. I get sad because even though I don't fall into lies anymore, the people who try to trick me will collect karma anyway and will keep suffering. 

When will people realize that ALL that you do, all that you lie, all that you hide, all that you distort or mislead bring karma to you and these actions are making who you are. Who are you letting yourself to be? 

You may seek ascension but if you keep playing or manipulating people you won't ascend, no matter how hard you pray and decree. Ascension is about being all that you preach and read about. Be that person. Be Integrity. Be Truth. Not only theoretic truth, but be true to the people in your life, don't hurt them. Don't lie to them. Don't mislead them. Talk is not enough. Action is. The action of being who you tell others to be. Be the LOVE. Don't only talk about it! BE IT. Show it! Compliment someone. Bring their light out! Let them shine! Tell them how their light is beautiful and how the best of them can shine! 

Lívia Maris Jepsen

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