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I had the pleasure of meeting Amorah Quan Yin during my stay in Shasta. She handled me my Namibian crystal and I knew that it was just waiting for me. I have it with me ever since. 

I found this beautiful article from Amorah and decided to share. No copyright infringement here, this text is NOT mine. You can see more of Amorah's work at

Living As If You Are an Ascended Master Now

by Amorah Quan Yin

There is a lot of talk in the New Age spiritual movement about individual and planetary ascension, moving into our fifth-dimensional bodies, and anchoring Cities of Light on Earth. Speculations and channelings abound on how, when, and what we are moving toward. Y2K has come in with grace and ease and dispelled many of the doom and gloom thoughtforms and here we are, perhaps asking, "What now?" I believe NOW is the key word. In order to hope to become fully enlightened, Ascended Masters and bring about a planetary ascension, we must live as if we are that to which we aspire. In order to become a living Master, we must act like one now in order to raise our frequency of consciousness and body to accomadate this divine outcome. And how do we act like an Ascended Master?
In every situation in our lives, the thoughts and attitudes we adapt, and act out, determine the frequency level we are capable of anchoring in our bodies. If we indulge in judgment and blame, for example, our Higher Selves cannot dwell in our bodies because our frequency will be too low. If we identify with being a victim, being spiritually superior, lust-based sexuality, distrust, or any other lower frequency state of being, our frequency is not conducive to anchoring Light in our bodies. And in order to be a living Ascended Master, it is necessary to embody our Higher Selves, I Am Presences, divine lightbodies (known as Ka), our God/Goddess Selves, or whatever else you may choose to call it. Embodying divinity is accomplished by purification and raising of frequency: cellularly, in every chakra, and in our emotional, mental, physical, etheric, spiritual, and astral bodies. This is accomplished by living in healthy ways on all levels, and by shifting our identity from the little ego self to the divine self. But first, we must learn to recognize the difference.

Ego transcendence is achieved through first understanding the symptoms of ego identity, and developing the will to adapt your spiritual identity as it is discovered. I would like to share with you some of the teachings from the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School that can help you with this goal.

Ascended Master Jesus Christ has described in a channeling that "walking the straight and narrow road"when erroneous and negative energies arise, is to: 1) acknowledge the existence of the painful, or negative, energies within your emotional and physical bodies; 2) choose to experience them fully without harming yourself or others; 3) continually hold, in the back of your awareness, the knowing that these energies are not your Divine Truth. They are simply old karmas, the products of former experiences, or erroneous ego energies, that you are choosing to experience fully in order to allow them to clear. By doing so, you will transcend your identity with them as your truth. Therefore, when you find yourself feeling ego resistance, blame, distrust, judgment, or are in any state that is less than your Divine Truth, you can choose to be responsible for feeling it fully without denial and repression,; and to not project it onto others around you. In a sense, a large portion of the spiritual path is to retrieve misplaced identity and return to Divine Truth, knowing that you are a part of God/ Goddess. With this in mind, let us examine a few of the common ego identities and attitudes that need to be transcended.

The first agenda to master is transcending the need to judge and gossip. Gossip is a common form of judgment, used by the little ego to compete and create a false sense of power. Judgment, in general, is often an insecure ego trying to find fault in others to mask its own insecurity. If you judge another person, it makes their opinion of you less important. Because you have already dismissed their value through your judgment, then why care about what they think. However, the mature being with healthy self-esteem realizes that "other people's opinions of me are none of my business." The following is an excerpt from my book, The Pleiadian Workbook:Awakening Your Divine Ka,, publisher Bear and Company:

A judgment is a thought projection onto or about another person, or yourself, which negates the value of the person's essence. It identifies the other person, or yourself, as being that which you dislike and see as having no value. For example, "He's just a stubborn, pig-headed jerk," identifies the person as that which you have called him; versus, "I feel really frustrated and angry when he is acting so stubbornly, and I don't like it." The first dismisses the value and labels the whole person, while the second expresses your feelings and opinion about what you perceive in the person's behavior.

We are spiritually responsible for not judging ourselves and others no matter what. Every spirit or ensouled being is on its own evolutionary journey, and we have no right to condemn, judge, and, therefore, dismiss their inherent value.

Once, while meditating in a hot springs pool in California, a rather loud and gruff man entered the large pool. Keeping my eyes closed, I began to bicker silently about why they let such obnoxious unspiritual people in the pools. Why not limit it to sensitive, spiritually appropriate people like me? The louder and more obnoxious his behavior became, the more judgmentally and arrogantly I reacted. Then I clairaudiently heard a loud male voice say, "If you judge it, you shall become it!" Needless to say, this got my attention and humbled me very quickly. Silently I replied, "Help me see him differently. What must I do?"

St. Germaine explained, "Imagine a circle with 360 degrees. Every aspect of your character, personality identification, and behavior undergoes an evolutionary process which begins at 0 degrees and eventually finishes at 360 degrees. For example, in the area of sensitivity to others and to your surroundings, you are currently at about 280 degrees. The man you are judging so harshly is at about 40 degrees. And yet, the only thing that creates the illusion of difference between the two of you is that you are in a time and space reality-based consciousness. From a spiritual perspective, outside of time and space, you both identically occupy all 360 degrees simultaneously, which makes you equals. You probably won't be drawn to create a friendship with each other here on Earth, because in this lifetime your evolutionary levels are incompatible. But, you must see him as an equal in Truth and acknowledge his spiritual valuexeven when making a discerning choice not to spend time with him."

To transcend the pull of the negative ego we must learn to see the Divine Truth and sacredness in all things and people. When we remember that it is impossible to expect anyone to behave beyond his/her current level of evolution and understanding, it becomes easier to suspend judgment.

When you focus on a people in a judgmental way, or gossip about them, your thoughts and words travel in the form of energy waves to that person. You literally harm the individual, and create an astral link to that person. Thoughts and spoken words are energy in motion. It is, therefore, important to disidentify with, and suspend judgment upon, everyone, regardless of how much justification you might perceive yourself as having. Everyone deserves basic human respect. The principle of non-avoidance is also important to Mastery. If you find yourself in avoidance of emotions, uncomfortable situations, honest communication, or of feeling any part of your awareness fully, it is impossible to bring spirit fully into your body and choose to deal with these energies directly. If you are on a path of bringing your Higher Self fully into every cell and every chakra of your body in order to become a living Ascended Master, your body and chakras must be free of the contraction caused by ego avoidance.

If you are still in avoidance of life, emotions, relationships, communications, or any other level of experience, take a deep, long look inside and ask yourself these questions: a) Am I ready to be fully alive? b) Am I ready to feel every sensation and emotion in my body without avoidance, in order to bring the light of my own Divine Truth and Holy Spirit into my body? c) Am I ready to feel, and, therefore, purify my emotions, so that my emotional body can radiate with love, joy, and peace?" Be honest, yet compassionate, with yourself as you assess yourself and your readiness for this next step of spiritual growth and healing. Do not pressure yourself to have mastered nonavoidance in every situation. Simply ask yourself to be willing, and to have made the choice, to cease avoidance when faced with situations in which you tend to avoid and shut down. Breathe deeply in the face of resistance and avoidance. Embrace your life-force fully, and end denial as you discover it.

Next, let us look at releasing blame. In your ongoing friendships and relationships you may, at times, find that you are having paranoid or negative thoughts about an individual. It is easy to blame that person for "making you feel" these feelings. However, as a spiritually responsible person who is transcending ego identity, it is your responsibility to look at what inside you might be causing that reaction. Are you projecting and blaming because of a past situation, a mental tendency, or an attitude that your ego uses to remain in separation and illusion? Are you assuming the person has wronged you without checking out all of the facts. Sometimes this can be as simple as asking the individual what he/she is experiencing, or has said or done in the situation causing you distress.

If an issue persists with a person with whom you are choosing to have an ongoing connection, then it is your responsibility to speak to that person directly, honestly, and without blame. Address the issue from a standpoint of expressing what your experience is, and what you are feelingxnot from a stance of blaming and assuming that person is wrong. If you do not like something another person has said or done, and feel it was inappropriate in some way, tell that person, "I feel _______ about ___________ . I want to know what you feel about it." (In your own words, of course.) Certainly, you can always ask for what you want and need in all your relationships. It is your responsibility to do so without projecting your expectations onto the other, and without projecting that your experience is the result of the other doing something wrong to you (unless the person has been blatantly abusive in some way). Even if there is a blatant abuse such as dishonesty, failing to honor agreements, or any other, you are still responsible for not holding expectations and blame toward another when all he/she is doing is acting out his/her current level of evolutionary consciousness.

Personalization of the behavior of others is one of the tricks of ego to keep you feeling separate. If you can remember that every person you encounter is simply that person being him/herself, behaving how he/she normally behaves, doing what he/she normally does, then you can simply say, "I am interacting with this person who is being him/herself, and that is all that is happening. The fact that I am having a strong reaction to that is my issue, not that person's issue." By adapting this attitude of disidentification from the ego's agenda of separation, everyone wins, and blame disappears.

To transcend ego it is important that you make a commitment in your life to living in impeccability. What this means is, when you know something is right, that is what you choose to do. When you act in less than an impeccable way, the resultant lower frequencies within your body, and the holding patterns in your nervous system, inhibit your spirit and Higher Self from living in that part of your hologram. Enlightenment and ascension are impossible then. Therefore, when you know that something would harm yourself or another, choose not to do that thing. If you know, for instance, that you have a tendency to be very defensive when you have your issues pointed out to you, and you tend to attack the person who is helping you see your issues, then it is your responsibility to cease attacking, and to practice learning humility and receptivity to constructive criticism. If you know you have a tendency, when anger comes to the surface, to dump it on the first person you see, then you are responsible for choosing a way to release your anger without dumping it on others. If you know that right action is to address someone about an issue, but you fear doing it because of their potential reaction, in impeccability, you speak up. Impeccability requires surrender to Divine Will and ceasing to give power to fear, control, revenge, distrust, and all lower frequency emotions and attitudes.

Releasing distrust and learning trust with discernment is another key for ego transcendence. If you distrust someone, that distrust creates a contracted, on guard quality in your body and psyche that holds you in fear and separation. Ascended Master Jesus Christ explained to me once in a channeling that spiritual seekers must learn to trust, in a broad and general way, that the Divine Plan is working, and that every being will eventually transcend all negative karmic patterns. Every human is a Divine Being of Light in the process of removing the veils of illusion and false identity in order to remember and re-become who they really are. With this understanding, if an individual is dishonest with you, steals from you, or harms you, you need not contract and stay on guard in distrust if you can trust yourself to use discernment in your interactions with that person. This means that you do not share your vulnerability with a person who has not evolved enough to be accountable for not using it against you. You do not entrust a thief with your house key. You do not count on what a person tells you if your experience with that person has shown you that he or she lies or does not keep promises. Yet, at the same time, you do not judge, blame, or contract away from that person. Because you understand that the person will eventually awaken and transcend the negative ego behaviors, you also know that no one can behave in a manner that is beyond his/her current stage of evolution and growth. Therefore, you simply allow your energy to continue flowing in the presence of the individual while making discerning choices based upon observed behavior.

The negative ego can make you perceive yourself as a failure if you are attached to outcome as a proof that you are okay. In some spiritual groups, the focus on "creating your own reality" has been misused. We exist on a planet of cocreation. Everyone has free will to create what they want. And yet, in cocreation, when two individuals are creating incompatible agendas simultaneously, the results are compromised. For instance, if you believe you have failed because another person does not respond to you in the manner you want, then you are not allowing for their free will as part of the cocreative equation, and are attached to having your way. St. Germaine has said that in any creative manifestation process, we must never mock up a reality that includes a specific individual or group. This is an invasive manipulation of another's free will. Instead, we are asked to leave names and faces blank in our manifestation processes in order to honor free will. He also has asked that we qualify every manifestation process by asking that it: a) "be in alignment with the Law of the Harmonics of Cocreation" in which everyone's free will is honored, b) all results are in alignment with the Divine Plan, and c) the principle of Win//Win be honored, in which no one is forced to lose in order for someone to win.

Another aspect of transcending identity with failure involves learning to recognize the seemingly little victories of life. In a recent channeling from Ra, a Pleiadian Archangel, he pointed out that the very fact that each of us is choosing to be on a spiritual path in this day and age is a "victory against all odds." The real victories of life have nothing to do with whether or not a relationship lasted forever or not. It has to do with whether or not you stay in relationships in unconditional, unattached love, or end them in spiritually impeccable ways: without blame, resentment, judgment, etc. In Divine Truth, the only issue that ever causes a relationship to cease working, is incompatibility of goals or spiritual growth levels. With this spiritually mature attitude you can learn to feel emotions without getting caught up in who is right or wrong. Just feel them, move them, and go beyond them to loving acceptance. As you participate in the cocreation and birthing of the Golden Age through your choices in every moment, these attitudes will make life much more gracious and conducive to embodying your divinity: acknowledge the victories of each moment you, or others, choose to live in Divine Truth and Love, as opposed to long-term outcomes; and live each moment as if it were your last by choosing impeccability and creating nothing to regret later.

It is time now for the next level of maturity on all our paths; time for spiritual refinement and deeper humility. And does it not feel wonderful and bring more self-respect and trust when you do go beyond your previous evolution to an even more Christlike level? Living as if you are a Christed One, or Ascended Master, NOW is the quickest way to become that! When in confusion, temptation, or doubt, just stop and ask yourself, "What would Buddha, Jesus, Quan Yin, or Mother Mary do right now?" Then simply choose that as your next step. I pray for all of us, Earth, and all people that the recovery of Divine Alignment and Ascension-consciousness may be gracious, easy, and as painfree as is possible. We are the Victory!

Amorah is founder of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School, a contemporization of the ancient Egyptian Mystery School. She is author of The Pleiadian Workbook:Awakening Your Divine Ka, The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ba, Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution.

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