Sunday, October 28, 2012


Aren't your prayers being answered?

The Angels explain that, many times, our own hidden blockages work against their help, then we feel like we are not being answered.The Angels will tell us what those blockages are and how to remove them, so you can experience the life of your dreams.

My Crystal Angel Show this Sunday (October 28th 2012) is about ANGELIC SOLUTIONS TO REMOVE BLOCKAGES.

To talk about this topic we will have the pleasure of a very special guest, the energy psychologist, hypnotist and personal empowerment coach June Milligan M.Ed., CCHt.

Come join us this evening at the FREE ONLINE MY CRYSTAL ANGEL SHOW: "ANGELIC SOLUTIONS TO REMOVE BLOCKAGES". With: Livia Maris Jepsen Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Lori Draper M.A. and our special guest June Milligan M.Ed., CCHt.


TONIGHT AT 8PM-EST / 5PM-EST. Connect Online at:

(LIVE SHOW TONIGHT _ Click on the option: 1510 Revolution Boston)

Direct Link to listen Tonight:


Participate during the show, call us at 1-866-338-9663, or send an email to or post your questions in the comments area of this post.

Looking forwards to hearing from you!
Angel Blessings!

Livia, Lori and June <3

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