Saturday, October 27, 2012


Before thinking that you are being mean to your children for not allowing them to eat sugar, think twice after reading this list of what sugar and other artificial sweeteners can do to them and to yourself.

Keep in mind that it may be hard to take sugar away from children already addicted, however if you don't introduce sugar to them, instead give them fruits for dessert, they will find sugars too sweet and not miss it at all once they try it at school later on.

The following list is based on the book Lick The Sugar Habit, written by Nancy Appleton, PhD. A must read.

According to Nancy's deep research, sugar can: suppress the immune system, cause mineral imbalance, cause hyperactivity, concentration difficulties, anxiety, depression in children and adults.

It also can adversely affect children's school grades, cause kidney damage, cause copper deficiency, interferes in absorption of calcium and magnesium.

Sugar can also lead to cancer on breasts, ovaries, prostrate, rectum, colon and bladder.

Sugar also weakens eyesight, causes acid stomach, leads to alcoholism, promotes weight gain and tooth decay.

This poison can also speed the aging process, causing wrinkles and grey hair, as well as water retention. It also reduces production of growth hormone.

It compromises capillaries and increases risks of blood clots.

Consumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners can also cause kidney stones, osteoporosis, varicose veins, appendicitis, yeast infection, cataracts, toxemia, diabetes, allergies and many others.

I have helped a lot of parents of the New Children (indigo and crystal) to reduce their anxiety and depression, improve their concentration and grades, to be healthier and to sleep better. This is easily achieved with proper nutrition.

Don't think that you are being mean for not introducing sugar to your child. Keep in mind that we can't miss something that we haven't tried. They will be perfectly healthy and for my experience, most of those children develop much faster than other children, not only physically but mentally also. They are considerably taller than the others, more resistant to diseases and visibly more intelligent and emotionally stable than other kids their age.

Avoiding sugar and teaching about its harmful effects is an act of LOVE and respect for your child.

Livia Maris Jepsen
post-graduate in Orthomolecular Medicine
Angel Therapy Practitioner®

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