Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Unique is the word from the Angels today. We keep judging ourselves all the time thinking that we must be like someone else and that the other way of being is better than our own. You know what? We are beautiful being unique. And when we are ourselves and respect each other as we are, we can flow together and grow as a family, a community, a country and a planet.

Today I felt so frustrated when I finally organized the agenda and then I saw some more requests for readings in. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT frustrated about having clients, Gosh NO! I LOVE my work! And I LOVE all love that they bring to me and the joy that I feel when they feel joy in those readings. But I felt frustrated with MYSELF because I expected myself to be faster in making connection with the person's angels, and because I feel drained easily and can't book many people in one day. I caught myself judging myself and the way I o readings.

But that was perfect opportunity to listen to the Angels telling me that it's ok to be different. People don't usually do readings so profound and long like mine so it's ok to take time to connect and to feel drained afterwards. They must be right because I wondered a million times why people prefer to wait 1 month to have a reading with me if I already have given them a million other options of readers. They still wait. So they must like it.

I had a reading last week that I felt pretty frustrated afterwards, I thought it was horrible. I cried afterwards. Today the client emailed to thank me and said that her mother wants a reading too. That gave me so much relief and it was the way for the angels to tell me that I have been too hard on myself.

The lesson on this is "keep going", is do your best to help this person, and it's ok if you need more time to connect and more time to recover afterwards. It's ok that you have your agenda full and money is still not plentiful because I am not able to take care of so many people in one day like some readers do. I am me and the angels will bring me whomever needs "me". I am shy and need time to connect. I may need a picture to connect better. I may need to do a soul reading or a pre-reading in meditation ahead of time to feel your energy better and not to be so shy when you are here in front of me. It's all ok. It's my way of doing it. There is not a right or wrong way. It's just "a" way and it is the way it works for me and my clients.

And blessings to the Angels!

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