Friday, January 20, 2017

Livia Maris Jepsen

"My beloved child divine, it is such joy to be connected in your heart and give you this message. Do you realize how much you are loved and pure, just like you are right now? It is not necessary to do something, take something or get somewhere. You do not need another book, another course, another guru to be a wonderful son of God, and it was never different. Just remove the shells from your vision and see the purity of your being. You do not have to add anything, but yes, delete what blocks the view. 
The simplicity and lack of judgement of yourself and the world, will bring you back to your true essence, which is connected with the source, where everything is perfect. There you will find everything you need, even the ability to co-create wonders in the physical world. 
Maybe you don't know what love is, nor how to find it, but you can delete everything that doesn't look like love. 
You may not know how to maintain health, but your inner wisdom knows exactly how to eliminate all that harms your body. 
You may not know how to manifest prosperity, but can eliminate what hinders you from creating it, growing it, or keeping it. 
You may not know how to increase your energy, but can eliminate what steals it from you. 
You may not know how to be happy and cheerful, but can eliminate everything that makes you sad. 
Maybe you don't know what your divine purpose is, but you can certainly serve others by creating a purpose that gives you pleasure to execute. 
This is the principle of purification. Simplicity is the key to connecting to your divine essence. Through this connection, you will remember that problems of the physical world aren't real, they are illusions of the mind of the adversary, the human ego. 
Don't believe the lies of the ego, because this is the only evil, the very serpent in paradise. 
You are a divine son, you are unconditional love, you are joy, perfect health and blessings. You are loved and perfect and true. Clear your mind from the lies of the ego and see yourself through the eyes of your guardian angel, a wonderful being, full of divine love to share. 

Feel my wings for a moment, closing your eyes, say my name and I will be there. Every moment you forget your essence, I remind you. 
With immeasurable love HARIEL ****

chánneled by
Livia Maris Jepsen
-Channel of the angels since childhood-ANGELS ™ therapy in Brazil and United States
-Certified personally by Doreen Virtue PhD Hawaii
-Published in the international bestseller Angel Words
-My Host Crystal Angel Radio Show-Dreamvisions Network Boston, USA
-Creator of Messenger of course International ® 2010 Angels-on
-Veterinary medical post graduate in Human orthomolecular medicine
-Reiki Master (USUI Reiki, Dolphin, Blue Whale Reiki Reiki, Reiki, Reiki Money Manifestation, Violet Flame Reiki, Celtic Reiki)
-Past life regression therapist
-Certified Angel Therapy ™ Practitioner by Doreen Virtue PhD
-Certified Medium by Doreen Virtue PhD
-Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ™ Advanced by Doreen Virtue PhD
-Privately Trained by Angel Reader, Psychic and Trance Joylina Goodings, UK Author
-Matrix Energetics ™ Quantum Healer under Richard Bartlett-Crudiveganismo, Gerson, Juicing Detox and Spiritual Power, Instructor and owner of Vitacrua Detox


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