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Can the Essence of Herbs & Plants Really improve your mental & physiological state?

Can the Essence of Herbs & Plants Really improve your mental & physiological state?

Dating back more than 5000 years, perfumers, priests, royalty and alchemists alike have dealt in the healing powers of pure essential oils, believing that they work to balance emotions, energize the mind and promote health in the body. Aromatherapy has been a significant part of all cultures around the world, medically and sensually.

The Egyptians were the first to use aromatic herbs for medicinal purposes. In addition to using the herbs and their oils for religious practices, as cosmetics and for embalming, the Egyptians found that certain herbs helped them treat mental disorders. The Greeks also used herbs to alter their physical, mental and emotional states. The Greek philosopher Hippocrates once declared, “The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and massage everyday.” Essential oils were used in healing practices around the world until the 16th century. Essential oils that were once considered more valuable than gold were relegated to use in fragrances and natural remedies.

Not until the early 1900’s was the term “aromatherapie” coined by French Biochemist, Renee-Maurice Gattefosse.  After burning himself during an experiment in his perfume laboratory, he plunged his arm into a vat of cold lavender oil, relieving his pain, and limited the scarring from the burn. This was the birth of aromatherapy as we know it today.

The study of aromatherapy and its benefits continue. Essential oils has been found to have localized action with very different effects. For example, lavender, thyme and aspic stimulate the central nervous system, while cinnamon, cloves and rosemary are used to treat the intestines.

Aromatherapy oils are used for many purposes and have become a major part of holistic medicine. A massage aromatherapist will use the oils to relieve clients’ tension, while calming muscles and nerves. Through the action of massage, the oils penetrate the skin and target the cells. Combinations of the different oils are custom designed for individual treatment. Essential oils are also used to scent and create the ambiance of a room. When inhaled, the oils are absorbed by the body and promote healing and a sense of wellbeing.

A reed diffuser is a method of distributing the essential oils in any space. It is a subtle way to enjoy a gentle, continuous release of aromatherapy benefits. Simply place the reed diffuser (a bottle of aromatherapy oils with bamboo porous reeds) in any space you like, and enjoy the benefits daily.

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