Thursday, January 17, 2013


It is possible to create a vortex of energy using crystals. Everything in the center of the vortex will increase vibration.

We can be in the middle of the vortex to increase our vibration and better listen to our guides.

There are several ways to create vortexes but it is important to always listen to your intuition. Don't use a vortex that makes you to feel uncomfortable.

Here are the 3 methods that I use the most:

1. VORTEX 1:

Pyrite, black tourmaline and clear quartz crystal. Place them in a triangle.

2. VORTEX 2:

6 pieces (or more) of selenite of at least 8 inches each (20 cm) or longer.
Place them forming a star. See picture.
If placing selenite around the bed, place them on the floor. Never place the stones above the person, always below.

3. VORTEX 3:

Using both vortexes above together, vortex 1 on the inside.

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