Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Beloved child of God, I am Daniel, the angel of success, love and communication. Some say that I'm the angel of judgement, but in Truth, I am not. The fall happens for those who let the ego win. I do not judge. I bring success and fame for those who wish to make a difference and spread the Light of God to the world. That's when the fall may happen to many.
Many spiritual seekers see themselves growing, famous and/or making great money with this great influence power given by God, and then they get into a bifurcation where very seldom they choose the way of Light. Stepping on their brothers and sisters, thinking the fame and Light belongs to them,  when in Truth, it's God's mercy to have trusted you to spread that Light. Use it with great responsibility. Competition, grief, ungratefulness for whomever helped you to get there, all it's part of the fall. And the fall of the ego can be faster than your rising, I warn you. 
I don't bring judgement upon you, but I bring a gift that requires a pure heart and intention, for it's great power on itself. Power to influence people is given only and exclusively to spread Love, Light, care and tenderness to the lost and suffered children of God. Do not think for one moment that this power comes from yourself because it's only God's trust in you letting you spread His Light. He trusted you and what are you doing with it? Are you really helping others from heart or are you using it as personal gain? Are you aware of the people who helped you to get there? Are you being loving and patient to the people who are trusting you to spread this Light? 
Time will be coming for the choice very quickly. That's when I lose most of my Light channels that get lost to the Earthly pleasures of money, power, fame, sex and exploitation of the needy. I see many already getting lost into the darkness and I am here trying to show you the Light. Stop and go back to the pure heart and intention that started your journey in first place. I'm not here to save you, only to show you the Light. But it's your free will who will choose. 

With Love and Light

Channel: Livia Maris Jepsen
Angel Therapy Practitioner™

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